Join our fertility Cleanse Program

Welcome to our exclusive 14-day natural fertility cleanse program.

Who is this fertility cleanse program for?

This program is for couples currently trying to conceive who want to give themselves the best chances of conceiving naturally, and without any chemical input. The aim of this cleanse is to put your body in the best physical and naturally balanced position for conception to occur naturally.

How much does the program cost?

This program usually costs $50 but if you’re reading this on, it is free for you. This is because this is the first cycle of this program we are running online (usually, we have physical groups that meet up regularly in Festac, Lagos but we have decided to open this up online for the benefit of those who are unable to make group meetings).


How is the program delivered?

This program is delivered by email, so you will need access to email each day. You will need to register here to receive the emails. When you sign up, you will receive a shopping list of foods and herbs to purchase for the program.
When the program starts, you will receive the following:-
  • 1 recipe for a fertility smoothie for the following day. It is very important that you follow the smoothie recipe as closely as you can, as these are tailored to target your reproductive organs
  • 14-day ketogenic diet meal plan

How does a fertility cleanse help me conceive naturally?

Over the years the body absorbs toxins from the various aspects of our environment such as:-
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Generator fumes
  • Pesticides used in food production
  • Chemicals and vaccines given to livestock
  • Secondhand cigarette smoke
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol and more
There are various cleansing programs out there optimized for various parts of the body but a fertility cleanse is specific to the reproductive system and prepares the body for conception by removing the extra burden which toxins place on the body. This particular cleanse concentrates on the liver and the uterus – two of the main organs your body needs to remove toxins, and to incubate a baby.

Can I function normally during a fertility cleanse?

Yes, you can go about your daily life during this cleanse. We strongly recommend doing this cleanse alongside a ketogenic or low carb diet plan for maximum effectiveness. This means that you will need to massively cut down the number of carbs you consume during this period. You may feel a bit tired or lethargic by day 3 but trust me, the sacrifice is worth it. The tiredness come as a result of your body cleaning itself out and running lean on carbohydrates so it starts to burn your excess fat by day 4. This means that and if followed correctly, you will notice some weight loss at the end of the cleanse.
The key thing is to remember to stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible during this period.